środa, 9 listopada 2016

Bootsrap editor

It was long time since we did not posted any update on our development works. For one reasons because we was busy with bug-fixing for another because we was working on some top secret component. The Bootstrap editor.

In next weeks we will finish it and it will be included into Jaaz Portal Free Edition. The Bootstrap in quick is a technology developed by Twitter to help bring desktop web pages to the mobiles.

Now thanks to our revolutionary technology anybody, without having too much technical knowledge can create web pages that will look great on both desktop comupters and mobile phones. 

We call this miraculous technology the Jaaz Editor but maybe you will have better idea. If so, please drop a mail to info@jaaz.eu.

czwartek, 3 listopada 2016

Business Model Canvas

Jaaz presents its Business Model Canvas. More information: http://portal.jaaz.eu/portal/investors/bp

wtorek, 25 października 2016

[PR] DomainHostel24.com

Warsaw, Poland (October 25, 2016) Jaaz company has started a work on new project DomainHostel24.com. It is a project that will make possible for anyone to rent his Internet domain to the general public. With few click of the mouse users will be able to create complete web hosting businesses.
The project will be launched months after the company will launch Personal Edition of their flagship product Jaaz Portal, probably in Q2, 2017. Jaaz Portal is a complete, out-of-box web hosting solution designed for average and unskilled users of the social networks and bloggers. A solution that will be licensed to small businesses also as the Open Source.

“We hope that our new service will create a new wave of online entrepreneurs that will be making money on renting their Internet domains to the public” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, company CEO.

The company is actually looking for a strategic investor but is not loosing time constantly improving their flagship product – Jaaz Portal – that is currently in the Beta Tests stage. 

You can find more information on the company homepage: http://company.jaaz.eu/ and on the project homepage: DomainHostel24.com
Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

środa, 12 października 2016

[PR] Launch date

Warsaw, Poland (Oct 11, 2016) Jaaz has set a date of launch of their Free Edition of Jaaz Portal to Q1, 2017. Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

The company would be ready to launch the first – Free Version – of the product in next month but unfortunately did not yet secured an investor and does not allocated a budget for marketing of it. For that reasons the company decided to postpone introduction of the product to the market. 

“We have really cool stuff waiting for users but we did not found yet investor, so it would be difficult to launch it now. We are sure that with additional time on development the service will be even more mature” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, company CEO. 

Jaaz Portal will be available in three basic editions – Personal, Communit and Business supplemented by the limited Free Edition. The company plans also to license their solution also as the Open Source later in 2017. 

“At the occasion we want to thank all of our Beta Testers for their excellent work. We hope for more cooperation with you all in the coming months” - said Artur Radosz, company CTO. 

The company is right now in the Beta Tests and their product is tested by the team of 40+ Beta Testers what with additional time given for development will guarantee an excellent quality and easy of use. 

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

sobota, 3 września 2016

Beta Tests launched

Warsaw, Poland (Sept 3, 2016) Jaaz company has launched beta tests of their web-hosting service CelloHost.com. CelloHost.com is the first company that is deploying its flagship product, Jaaz Portal.

Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web-hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and for bloggers that would like to extend their online presence by having their own professional website.

The company plans to launch the first Free Edition of Jaaz Portal in early October 2016. The first commercial version – Personal Edition – will be available in February 2017. The Free Edition is completely free of charge for its users and offers simplified version of commercial Editions that allows users to create one professional web site.

The Beta Tests will take a month and after that, the company will launch a Free Edition of its portal to the community of Facebook users. 

“We hope that Beta Tests will help us to ensure the highest quality of our services that will be offered for free for everybody that wants to have a website of their dreams” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, CEO of the company.

Besides the free version of the service offered through CelloHost.com, Jaaz company plans to launch an Open Source version of it for anyone that would like to deploy it in his company or organization.

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

czwartek, 1 września 2016

[Help] Edit Site Info

And next menu item from MyJaaz menu. This time editing Site Info. Read more on Jaaz support site.

[Help] Viewing User Profile

How to view account balance and other informations on user account? Read on Jaaz support site.

wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2016

[Help] Editing menu

After learning how to edit a page it is time to build up the menu structure. Learn on that topic from our support site.

poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2016

[Video] Editing Web Page

We invite you to watch our latest video tutorial on editing a page in Jaaz Portal. You can find more informations on that on our support site.

[Help] Browsing images (Flickr/Getty)

After uploading your own image it is time to learn how to browse your library. At this point you can also re-use pictures that somebody else has put on the Flickr or buy commercial ones from Getty Images. Read how to do this on our support page.

niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2016

[Help] Working with images

After creating web site and editing first page it is now a time to put first picture on it. Learn how to do this on Jaaz support site.

[Help] Editing page

OK, so you have read our article on creating web page and now you want to edit it. How to do that you can read on Jaaz support site.

[Help] Creating Web Site

For all further Beta Testers and users of Jaaz Portal we have created short article explaining step-by-step how to create your own page. The article is available on Jaaz support page.

sobota, 27 sierpnia 2016

[DEV] Account Balance

Last component before starting a work on Beta release. Account Balance display in User Profile. Displays current saldo and history of financial operations on user account.

wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] Petition

Little break from the Beta Test drive. This time the Petition - a component that will be part of the Community Edition.

Simple yet powerful thing that allows to store and display signatures including name, email, occupation, city and country together with short comments.

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2016

Yodiz integration

We are closer and closer our Beta release that we want to launch on end of next week. This time it is Jaaz Portal integration with Yodiz.com.

Every bug that you will report through our support system will land in Yodiz bugtracker. But we has promised to pay you certain amount of money for it. 

Here to the rescue comes our new tool. It is Jaaz Portal integration with Yodiz that allows us to assign bug reporter and pay him a money for each bug he will find and will report to us.

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2016


As the next step in our preparations to launch Beta version of Free Edition of Jaaz Portal we have started a support program. As a platform we have chosen Freshdesk.

Now if you want to report a bug in our software or have another issue you can write our support directly at support@jaaz.eu or through our web page: http://jaaz.freshdesk.com/

wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016

Jaaz Alliance - SlideShare

We are not Yet Another Web Hosting Company. We are bringing new standard to the industry. Watch SlideShare on the Jaaz Alliance...

More info: http://alliance.jaaz.eu/

niedziela, 7 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] CRM Sender

Another component of our Customer Relationship Manager. This time mail sender. Working independently from browser window it sends a mass mailing to selected group of users. Of course users are able to unsubscripted from it.

The CRM components will be avaiable as part of Jaaz Portal Community Edition.


For all our fans, supporters and further investors Jaaz company has prepared a newsletter. Now you will do not miss any of news on our Jaaz Portal solution. 

If You are interested in staying in touch with us you can subscribe to our Newsletter here.

środa, 3 sierpnia 2016

New layout

A web pages you could do through our Jaaz Portal have now new modern look and feel.

They are working also perfectly with mobile phones and... Yes, you can edit them also by phone.

You can view example page made only with our tools from Free Edition here.

wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] Media database

New component of CRM. A news contact database will contain over 300 contacts to variety of Technology News outlets. 

Currently we are using it for purpose of sending our press releases but our customers will be able to send it too in near future.

piątek, 29 lipca 2016

[PR] Launch of Jaaz Alliance

Warsaw, Poland (July 29, 2016) Will the little players of web hosting market share the fate of small shops ousted by the Giants or do they stand a chance against them? Today the Jaaz Company will provide you with an answer to that question.

After a brief analysis the situation does not seem to be that worrying. In the upcoming years, web hosting market willl grow by almost 30 000 000 new websites. However, the biggest Internet companies are the ones that will be making the highest profit out of this.

On the other hand, when we look at it as a whole, the market is still dominated by small and mid-scale business that often work locally and they are the target Jaaz company is directing their offer to.

The company has just launched a new project called the Jaaz Alliance. The Alliance is a non-profit association centered around the company’s flagship product – the Jaaz Portal.

This association will support its development with the goal of releasing a Free Edition of Jaaz Portal in 2016, as the Open Source. Before the official release, however, it will be available to download for all members of the Alliance.

“We hope that together as an Alliance, we will develop an ultimate solution for web hosting vendors and Internet service providers that will quickly become a standard.” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, Company CEO.

The Free Edition of Jaaz Portal has just entered the Beta stage and is planned for public launch in September 2016.

You can find more on the Alliance homepage: http://alliance.jaaz.eu/
Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

czwartek, 28 lipca 2016

the Jaaz Alliance

Jaaz Company has launched new site entitled the Jaaz Alliance. It is an association of commercial entities that want to deploy company Jaaz Portal into their organizations.

Beside this Jaaz has updated their Investor section with Jaaz Alliance description. Link to Investment profile at Gust.com and links to Vimeo and YouTube video channels.

poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016

New layout for CelloHost.com

CelloHost.com have a new layout. We think this one is more modern that previous and is cleaner and more functional. We have also update Investor section on Jaaz Portal site.

[DEV] CRM - Mail composer

After little break on fund-raising and project management tasks back at development. New component that is part of our build-in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) - simple Mail composer.

Build in JaazQL forms allow address easily messages for group of users or people that has made certain orders.

HTML composer is also supporting Velocity templates.

[Video] Pitch Deck

Artur Radosz is presenting Jaaz Portal pitch deck.

Read more: http://portal.jaaz.eu/

[Video] Features of Jaaz Portal Free Edition

Video presenting features of Free Edition of Jaaz Portal or in another words how to create website completely for free.

Read more: http://portal.jaaz.eu/

Launch of CelloHost.com

Warsaw, Poland (July 18, 2016) Jaaz Company has launched a new web domain. CelloHost.com will become a hosting place designated for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers that want to have their own website.
The company is going to launch free version of their service in September 2016 but in July they plan to launch beta version for selected customers.
The new web domain CelloHost.com will be offered to everyone that will setup their own site through company’s Jaaz Portal service. 

The company is currently looking for people that want to become Beta Testers and would want to join their international team. Everyone that will register now can be rewarded with 50 Euro on promotion and up to 10 Euro for every bug he will find.

In addition he will be given a life time license for commercial versions of their software.

"We hope that thanks to our Beta Test program we will find testers with whom we will create a lasting cooperation" - said company’s CEO Marcin Gregorczyk.

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 by Marcin Gregorczyk and Sebastian Walos. Since then it is providing IT consulting and web designer services for variety of clients including Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

wtorek, 12 lipca 2016

[Dev] Orders

It is last component before public launch of beta version of the Free Edition of Jaaz Portal that is planned on 18-th July. This time list of orders.

Thanks it user can view and revoke orders he has made trough our system. Currently available are Beta Membership, Investor Pack and Investor Pledge orders.

środa, 6 lipca 2016

[Dev] Site info

We are closer and closer to launch of Beta version of Jaaz Portal - Free Edition. Another component. This time Site Info.

Thanks to it owner of web sites are not able to edit name of it, set description that is also visible to the search engines and setup and edit the contact informations.

poniedziałek, 4 lipca 2016

[DEV] User Profile

New day and new component. This time user profile for viewing and editing user informations. 

User can go to it through MyJaaz menu. With it he can get basic informations about itself like name, email, web-page. He can also view all groups to which he belongs.

If he want he can also setup or edit his postal address.

sobota, 2 lipca 2016

Agreement on Development

Jaaz and YEHUDI Solutions have signed together an agreement on the development of Jaaz Portal. The YEHUDI Solutions will take a full care of it.

The YEHUDI Solutions will be responsible for handling of the technical side of the project, while Jaaz company will be working on marketing and financial aspects of running it.

The agreement will be valid until the June 2018.

“We are really happy to be behind Jaaz Portal as this is a very promising project. This agreement will assure a stable environment in which we will deliver the final version of the product.” - said Artur Radosz from YEHUDI Solutions.

The first Free Edition of the project will be available for general public in September 2016 while the companies plan to launch beta tests in the early July.

Jaaz is actively looking for investors offering up to 20% share of their project profits.

sobota, 18 czerwca 2016

Free Investment Pack

In next four years there will be 26 000 000 web sites created. To be successful Jaaz Portal needs only 3 360 customers. Do not miss Your chance and invest in it!

To help You make a right decision Jaaz company has prepared special offer. Order now Investment Pack completely for free. Including free shipping & handling.

To order the Investor Pack please click here. Number of is packages limited!

piątek, 17 czerwca 2016

YEHUDI Solutions

This was very intensive time and we had hands full of work, so there was no time to update you on progress of Jaaz Portal project.

In two weeks we are going to officially launch our beta test program and there is plenty of news to come but biggest is that Jaaz has split in two companies. 

The newborn children is YEHUDI Solutions, a Jaaz subsidiary that will now take care of technical development of our product. The mother company - Jaaz - will be still responsible for the project management and all things related to the business side of the project.

This will allow YEHUDI Solutions to focus on the development process. 

You can visit YEHUDI homepage here: http://yehudisolutions.com/

wtorek, 31 maja 2016

[Dev] Jaaz Toolbar

A new little yet powerful feature. Facebook like toolbar.

With this component logged in users can access MyJaaz menu, as well switch between their sites, Jaaz portal homepage and if have access granted also Admin Console.

niedziela, 29 maja 2016

[Dev] Menu Editor

Together with Menu Editor component basic functionality of Free Edition of Jaaz Portal is completed. Users are now able to create fully usable Internet site.

User can create, edit, delete menu items and thanks to drag and drop interface set correct order of their positions. 

sobota, 28 maja 2016

[Dev] Getty Images integration (demo)

And after little fight on Saturday afternoon we are presenting another integration. This time with Getty Images.

User can search and browse Getty Images however acquiring images is not yet supported. It will be in Free Edition version in September.

[Dev] Flickr integration

New feature on Saturday morning. Users now can browse their images but also search on Flickr.

After searching for the pictures users can add them directly to their pages.

piątek, 27 maja 2016

[Dev] Page Editor

After day of hard coding a new component is ready. Users now can edit their start page.

The component have all standard features needed to create HTML page. In addition a dialog to upload user images is provided and integrated with the system.

czwartek, 26 maja 2016

[Dev] Web Creation Wizard

The Site Creation Wizard is now ready and will be available for tests for all those that will become Beta Testers in July.

User can create his own web site in few steps. Providing site id, name and optionally contact details he will create a web site. 

All those that would like to help us test this and other components before our September premiere shall visit this site.

wtorek, 24 maja 2016

Beta Testers

Jaaz is looking for a people that would like to join our Jaaz Portal team as Beta Testers. Find a bug and get 10 Euro!
Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web-hosting and portal solution for average unskilled users of Facebook or other social networks and bloggers that would like to have their own web pages.

We are launching Beta version of Free Edition of our portal in July and are looking for a people that in exchange for the early access to it would like to 
test it.

We cannot offer You payment in money yet but we will give you 10 Euro on promotion of your site through our network of banner exchange for every bug you will find.

In addition, if Your work will be valuable we will give you for a free license to other commercial versions of our portal. We can also give you access to our company Intranet.

If You are interested in joining our team and becoming Beta Tester please reserve your web site now. We will contact You soon.

niedziela, 22 maja 2016

[Dev] User groups

Our Jaaz Portal is has been enriched with new feature from our time line. This time it is group management.

Administrator can now create, deleted and edit various groups. He can then assign it to other users of our portal. 

We will use this mechanism to give some of you beta tester status, so you could access some features of our portal earlier that others.

If you want to become one of our beta tester please reserve your web site now. We will contact you soon afterwards.

środa, 18 maja 2016

[Dev] MyJaaz menu

And another component from our timeline added to the production site. This time MyJaaz contextual menu.

Contextual means that it is showed only to the logged in users and some part of it are additionally visible only to administrators and site owners.

Inside it you can find four positions.

  • Investments
  • Reservations
  • Banners (site owners)
  • Web Statistics (site owners)

You can test them by logging to your Facebook account on our site. Please click [login] link on top of 'Contact Us' menu item.

piątek, 13 maja 2016

Investment video - preview

While we are still working on it we are presenting preview of our instructional video on making an investment pledge.

Please watch it and make your pledge here: http://portal.jaaz.eu/

środa, 11 maja 2016

[Dev] Web Statistics

And new component from our timeline is finished. This time web statistics. For now available only for admin, soon will be offered also to site owners. 

For now system gathers and display data about number of sessions (today, tomorrow, month and total), graph with 36 hours period, most popular pages, countries and referrals.