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Business Description

Internet is biggest business phenomenon of recent years. From relative little research project that was run by Universities it has grow globally to at least 4.85 billions of pages. On top of it many fortunes has been born. Everyone those days knows trade-marks like Microsoft, Apple or Facebook. It is worth to remember that they was once created in garages of their owners.

Internet businesses can be divided into many sectors. From software development, web creation to consulting services. However every of this sectors needs one basic and fundamental one. The web hosting.

Revenues of Web hosting market in year 2013 was estimated on 8 to 10 billions dollars (not including corporate services). There is approximately 260 millions of registered domain and approximately 40% of them have working Websites. In next four years the market shall grown by 26%.

The market is dominated by American companies like GoDaddy (5.69%), BlueHost (2.54%), HostGator (1.91%) with exception of French OVH.com (1.91%) and German 1&1 (1.52%) and Hetzer(1.35%). On Polish market that is 12th worldwide the biggest operators are Home.pl (29.04%), Onet (14.16%) and OVH.com (4.81%).

This companies however doest not offer solutions for user that does not have deep understanding of Internet technology. Even if they offer basic wizard to create Web-page client must usually know PHP language to use it fully. Their customers need to hire administrator, web-master and often PHP developer and graphic.

This is a niche our company want to take. We will offer a solution for average, unskilled user that will be able to create his own portal in few easy steps to later fully manage it without knowing specifics of PHP or Java language. Everything, including web layout, will be manageable through web-browser like in end-users solutions like Facebook or Bloger. Our service will need similar level of knowledge to be fully utilized by client.

We will offer unlimited network speed and storage what makes our price just few Euro higher that market leaders. It will be cost of more comfortable web console and service but from the other hand our business to be successful and guarantee us relative success will need only 1850 clients in three years it is 0.00007% of global share. The last company from indexed global providers Pair Networks have a market share of 0.25%.

Our product will be sold in three editions: Personal, Community and Business what shall address all customers needs. Customer will be registering on-line with different payments possible. The site will be created by easy to use wizard that will guide client when he will be developing the site.

The solution we propose will be build-up from modules (ie. forum, news, working groups). We plan to release some of them, as Open Source licensed for free and commercial use.

Client will get one month free service. In addition to lure more customers ,a completely free version will be available with limited capabilities of simple Content Management System. We plan also various Internet marketing campaigns (Facebook, Google, Twitter) and partnership projects.

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