czwartek, 25 lutego 2016

Business Edition

Business Edition is designed to meet needs of modern Entrepreneurs. Everyone that wants to take his business to the Internet will find out that our solution is really great help. If You want to have complete web shop this is best address You can find.


The main components we will offer to business are complete solution for those wanting to open their retail store in the Internet.
  • Shop Front-end
  • Shop Back-end
  • MicroInvest
  • Presales reservation
Shop Front-end

Fully featured Internet web shop. User will be able to create and manage different categories of products. Users will be able to browse, search and buy their favorite products.

Shop Back-end

Running a web shop is not easy task. To help You manage everything related to storing, marketing, selling, packaging and shipping orders we will provide set a tools in one, integrated back-end solution.


A component to perform fund raising campaign. In exchange for investment companies could share their profits.

Presales reservation

Reservation of upcoming product. Customer would be able to reserve a product for themselves.

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