piątek, 19 lutego 2016

Competitive Analysis

The market is dominated by like GoDaddy (5.69%), BlueHost (2.54%), HostGator (1.91%) and French OVH.com (1.91%) and German 1&1 (1.52%) and Hetzer(1.35%).

This companies however do not offer solutions for users with minimal knowledge of Internet. Usually they require knowledge of professional Web Master or even Web Developer with PHP skills.

Average user of Blogger or Facebook does not have such knowledge and it is a niche we want to take offering highly integrated solution of core tools like news publishing system, user management, Internet forum, Facebook news stream or even Internet shop.

The level of integration provided by other companies is light. It means that for configuration and management they does not use unified tool but they rely on tools provided by developers of this components that are usually external companies and groups of Open Source developers.

We will integrate everything from start and will provide components developed by our company. In addition in later stage of project we will provide it, as Open Source for individuals and companies what will assure additional developers to project. The tools we will provide shall live their own life becoming more and more perfect.

The competition usually does not provide free versions of service while we will. They offer limited broadband and storage for minimal price. We will provide completely free service but without possibility to register own domain and with only 6 pages supported. The free version will not have most of components available in other editions. It will be limited only to Content Management System.

The competition prices of unlimited bandwidth and storage – what we will also offer in all editions – are usually few Euro lower but we will provide higher comfort of use. After reaching 2000 clients we will also cut our prices to level comparable with competition.

In addition we will use free service, as advertisement channel for our company. In future we will make it available also to our customers and other interested parties.

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