sobota, 20 lutego 2016

Design & Development Plan

Jaaz Portal will be provided in four basic editions: Free, Personal, Community and Business Edition. Each of editions will consists of modules that will be accessible to the end user.

On beginning one developer will be assigned to project. In second year another one will be added to reach three developers in third year of the project operation.

The following time-line is set for development of the project:
  • 3 Months – Free Edition
  • 6 Months – Personal Edition
  • 1 Year – Community Edition
  • 18 Months – Business Edition
After this time-line we will further develop our portal to meet customers needs through adding new modules and expanding existing. In second year of the project we want also to release parts of modules, as Open Source components.

Beside development we plan also to provide help-desk for our customers. For this purpose in third year we will hire Help Desk Officer. This will be supplemented by budget on Freelancers: administrators, web-developers, web-designers etc. For whole project we will need also one Project Manager.

Beside office (500 Euro/month) and network connection (500 Euro/month) we will need also powerful production server on which we has allocated 15 000 Euro and another one for 20 000 Euro in fourth year of the project. We are allocating also a budget of 1000 Euro per month for marketing operations that will be increased steadily each year.  

The development and operational budget presents as follow.

Total budget

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