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Executive summary

Jaaz Portal is a service dedicated to everyone that want to have his global presence in the Internet. It is integrated portal and web hosting solution for individual, community and business needs. Because we are located in Eastern Europe, Poland we will be able to offer competitive, low cost product that everyone can afford.

For development period of our service and 6 first months of operation we need investment of 60 000 Euro. If we will keep steady growth of new clients per month at 40 for personal, 10 for community and 5 for business edition our project in just three years will will generate total of profit of around 100 000 Euro. In five years of the operation it will be more that 410 000 Euro.

We need a total investment of 60 000 Euro for development of service for six months and for operation for another year before project will profit for itself. The money will be spent on production server , office costs, marketing, Internet hosting, freelancers work and salaries of project developer and manager.

Jaaz company has been created in 1998 year in Warszawa, Poland as partnership between Marcin Gregorczyk and Sebastian Walos and since this time is providing IT consultation and web development and hosting service for variety of small and middle businesses. Its biggest successes was creation of community portal for Euforia Media and websites of Digirevolt and Luxurity companies.

In 2016 it has been joined by the Java Developer and System Architect Artur Radosz that was working for top polish corporations including Orange Poland, PZU Insurance and the Polish Mint. He was also project leader of Internet versions of Galeria Centrum and Smyk bigest polish retailer sites.

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