sobota, 27 lutego 2016

Indiegogo campaign

We had just launched crowd-funding campaign for our Jaaz Portal project. We had choosen leading American service – Indiegogo – as a platform. We hope to gain just a 1000$ to buy new server for our project web-site. In exchange for support we are offering free web-hosting of Your homepage.

We need just a 1000$ that we hope to gather in next 15 days. We will spend most of this money on the hardware but we are also reserving a 200$ for marketing purposes. We are in preparations for bigger fund-raising campaign to secure 65 500 Euro for the Jaaz Portal.

Please visit our product site – and check our Portal Guide and the Business Plan. Help us in growing our business and in exchange You will receive free access to Personal Edition of Jaaz Portal.

You can donate on-line on Indigogo page. Even 10$ will make difference and will help us to gain support of others to fully secure this campaign's goal of 1000$.

Be part of our story. Success story.

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