sobota, 27 lutego 2016

New website officially launches new Jaaz Portal web site. The new home page will help bring investors attention on this project. We invite everyone interested in having his own personal, community or business portal to visit the site. We will offer a free version of our service, as well a set of Open Source components.

The Jaaz Portal is new project of company that will be a highly integrated powerful portal and web hosting solution. It will offer average Facebook or Blogger users possibility to have their own fully featured portals for personal, community or even business needs.

The Portal homepage is dedicated to all those wanting to take a share of further profits by investing in the project. Everyone that wants to make investment of whatever 10 or 10 000 dollars will find this site interesting. It contain Project Guide – a description of each Editions of JaazPortal, as well a complete Buisness Plan describing company strategy and potential market.

Please visit our site for more informations on this subject. 

Be part of our story. Success story.

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