piątek, 12 lutego 2016

Three editions

Jaaz Portal is using latest Internet technologies to build up service for variety of users. Whatever You are individual that want to have his own powerful homepage, an organization that needs Internet to work with their activists closer or businessman that wants to not loose any single opportunity that global presence can give to his businesses You will find an answer here.

Basing on latest Java technology we are developing state of art service that joins complete portal and cheap web hosting into one. With easy to use Internet wizard You will be able to create complex website with few simple steps.

Whatever tasks and challenges You are facing we will provide solutions to them. Everything included in Jaaz Portal is simple to configure and manage through web browser, so You do not need to be a rocket scientist to have ultramodern and powerful website.

To help You find best answer to Your needs we has decided to offer You three edition of our Portal, so You will easily find correct one that fits to Your needs.

Personal Edition

Solution made for individuals that are looking for their own web-space to host their personal web pages. Here You will find easy to use Content Management System that will help You to build and manage your homepage, a news publishing with powerful comment system, as well user management tools that will help to organize Your website visitors. Everything with set of customizable web-skins to make Your site looks great.

Community Edition

This edition is dedicated to organizations or informal group of people that are looking for tools to better activate their potential. Beside all You can find in Personal Edition we are offering You a ready to use Internet Forum, working group support and online petition. Everything You need to better organize Your community and fight for Your case.

Businesses Edition

An option for everyone that would like to move his commercial activities to the Internet. Here You will find complete solution to have Your own Internet shop. With easy to use front-end and powerful back-end to help you organize your storage and shipping system.

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