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Market strategies

The growth of Web Hosting sector for next years is predicted at 26%. It gives potential of 27.04 millions customers. While to be profitable Jaaz Portal needs only around 2000 in three years. We can then predict that it will grow much more in this 4 years terms but for purpose of this Business Plan we had used 'the dark scenario'.

We will operate globally trying to reach worldwide population of Internet users but of course we predict strong presence on domestic Polish market that is 12th on the world. We will provide English and Polish Web Page and will be focusing on Great Britain, United States and Poland.

In our marketing strategy and development we will focus on biggest group of Internet users that does not have technical knowledge but want to have complex powerful presence in the network. The tools we will provide, both Wizard for creation of portal and Web Console will be compact and simple to use.

In difference to competition that also uses modular design we will provide integrated components. This one that competition provides are build up by different groups of developers that does not cooperate. Thus management and configuration is not unified and often needs deep understanding of Internet technology.

Our modules will be integrated and whole component set will be installed, configured and managed through one single tool what will give unique experience to the end-user. Clients will not need to have technical knowledge they will also no need to learn new tools each time for every component.

We had decided to divide our component sets into three groups. Personal Edition will be designed for individual users that needs something more that offers Facebook or Twiter but want to have same comfort of use. Community Edition will be dedicated to informal groups of people but foremost to Non-Governmental Organizations and Charities. The last, Business Edition will provide complete web shop solution with front and back-end.

Beside this we will offer Free Version of our service with limited capabilities and only with one basic module of Content Management System. This edition will allow us to quickly gain grounds on the market and will promote our brand.

The monthly pricing we want to propose is simple and depends from edition that customer will choose:

Free Edition
0 Euro
Personal Edition
10 Euro
Community Edition
20 Euro
Business Edition
30 Euro

We will be directly selling our service through our Web Page but we will provide also option for our partners to re-sell it. For each partner we will provide unique number – electronic coupon – that user could provide once buying our product. This way he will get 10% discount and another 10% we will be giving to reseller company. The payment will be provided for each month customer uses our service.

To increase our position and to attract new customers we will be performing advertisement campaign through popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Ad Sense. In addition we will be exploiting free sites we would provide with our company banners. In future we will be selling this banner space to interested parties.

To promote our solution among companies and developers and to further strengthen our brand recognition we will provide some of portal components we will develop, as Open Source. This will be licensed for both non-profit and commercial use.

In three years we are predicting to have 1850 clients: 1420 personal, 310 community and 120 commercial Web Sites. We are assuming a monthly growth of 40 personal, 10 community and 5 business customers. This will give a total revenue of 386 300 Euro. In five years time it will be then 1 241 500 Euro.

The client and revenue growth for next five years since introduction of first edition of our solution is presented in the table bellow.

First Year

Second Year

Thrid Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year

Total revenues

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