piątek, 12 lutego 2016

Money, money, money

Development of even best product is hard if not impossible without money. We at Jaaz company knows this perfectly. Even while we have experience we cannot produce anything valuable without money. That is why we are actively looking for investment.

For that purpose we are preparing ourself for fund-raising campaign using one of crowd funding services while at same time we are not closing for more traditional venture capital option of investment.

The experience proven by solutions we had developed for variety of our clients combined with low costs that we enjoy begin located in Warsaw, Poland are keys for success. We knows perfectly what and how to do it. That is why we can promise You high interest rate from such investment in our project.

Whatever you are investor or fan of crowd funding You can become part of our success story. Whatever you want to invest thousands of Euro or just 5 You can be sure that it will go into right hands of skilled developers and artist.

Stay tuned. Read latest news on our blog. Follow us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Soon we will present You complete business plan for our Jaaz Portal product. Whatever sum would You like to share with us, we will not waste it. Be part of our success.

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