sobota, 27 lutego 2016

British Failure

Our campaign has just ended and we must admit it was a complete failure. However, learning on the past mistakes, we are not giving up and are preparing another one. This time in the United States.

Our campaign did not binged much of success. We had received only 12 pounds from 1000 on which we was counting. The main problem is that this project is still very fresh and we did not build yet strong community around it.

Jaaz Portal have only three months and when we started it it was only in our heads, even not on paper. But we grows very fast, not only in number of followers on social media. We had developed complete Business Plan and Portal Guide that describes our solution we want to offer You.

Soon, we will officially launch new website of the project. With this set of tools we are sure that we will have bigger impact in our next crowd-funding campaign.

We will perform it on IndieGoGo, second biggest crowd-funding portal after Kickstarter. The previous one was relative small and limited only to the United Kingdom. Now we will expand to whole United States.

The other serious problem we had in this campaign was lack of possibility to make a pledge using the credit card. The only possibility to pay us was to use Pay Pal that was to complicated for most of our supporters. This time we will have a credit cards.

We do not give up and we hope for much bigger success in the America. Stay tuned.

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