czwartek, 25 lutego 2016

Community Edition

Community Edition is perfect solution for Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities, as well informal groups like fan clubs. It will contain a tools to fully utilize potential in organizing activists and events.


In addition to the Free Edition components following modules will be provided in the Personal Edition:

  • Internet Forum
  • Working Groups
  • Messaging
  • User Management
  • Membership Management
  • Petitions
  • Signatures
Internet Forum

Fully featured Internet Forum will be provided. Visitors would be able to create threads, send their posts and replying on other posts. User will have tool to create new forums, moderate and delete posts.

Working Groups

A special Facebook like component to fully utilize potential of Your activists. They will be able to organize group, create events, create and manage tasks and post newses about group. Special subpage will be provided for each group.


Activists will be able to communicate between themselves. Users will be able to post and receive private messages.

User Management

A powerful tool will be provided to manage users and their groups, as well permissions to different sections of site.

Membership Management

Users will be able to join organization and pay membership fees.


A petitions could be created inside of site. Visitors will be able to sign the petition while user will be able to manage signatures.


In difference to Petition this component will be dedicated to organizations wanting to support some initiative presented on the site. Organizations and selected users will be able to sign something and they will be displayed, as supporters after moderation.

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