środa, 24 lutego 2016

Personal Edition

Personal Edition is for every individual user who wants to have a completion of his social media presence or blog. With set of powerful components user will have opportunity to create complex website of his interest. In addition to Free Edition templates additional 10 professional layouts will be included into service. User will be also able to register his own domain name.


In addition to the Free Edition components following modules will be provided in the Personal Edition:

  • Social Media integration
  • News system
  • Commenting system
  • Info stream

Social Media integration

Users will be able to integrate their portal with social medias like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. A small gadgets will be provided to display social media on the portal sidebars.

News System

A news system will be provided. User will be able to publish his own news and display it on main page or sub-pages.

Commenting system

A complete commenting system will be offered. Site visitors will be able to publish their own comments loging on the page with their Facebook account. Owner will have possibility to delete unwanted comments.

Info stream

A Facebook like info stream with informations provided by portal like newses, comments and system messages.

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