sobota, 13 lutego 2016


We had just started crowd-founding campaign to gather funds necessary for creation of Jaaz Portal home page. We need just £1000 to cover our expenses related to creation of project web-page, promotional video and business plan. Please, make a difference and support Us with, as low, as £10.

The project we want to found in future needs first comprehensive preparations. To make this service a reality we first need to prepare investor package that will help us better explain our project needs. This work is also expensive.

The basic skeleton of the project page is already on-line and you can check it out on our development server that is accessible thanks to OpenShift but it need a plenty of work more. We will also need a production server with costs us around £500, so half of the money needed will be allocated on the hardware.

The other half will cover developer and manager salary and what will be rest will be spent on the on-line marketing.

Please make our project reality and support us early even with lowest donation. Be part of our story. A success story.

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  1. We had dediced to offer You a new rewards for Your pledges. Anyone that will support Us will receive free month, half year or year of web hosting once the Jaaz Portal will be finished: