sobota, 23 kwietnia 2016

Investing widget

We are presenting a new component called MicroInvest. It is a tool that we want to use in obtaining founding for our project. You can help us and spend 2 minutes on testing it.

The idea is simple. Crowdfunding have his limitations. It does not allow founders to gain a share in the project profit. To change this we had developed idea of MicroInvest. 

Unlike in standard crowdfunding model, in MicroInvest we are sharing a percent from the future income with all investors. By investing, even 100 Euro, you are becoming shareholder of the project.

We are still developing this component but you can help us and test it. Please register using your Facebook account and fill the form with some random data. 

After confirming you shall receive an email letter and if such option was choose our system would publish short information on your Facebook account. You can just delete it for now or disable this option during filling the form.

If you will encounter any problems please write to Every help is appreciated. In future we will reward our testers with some nice bonuses.

You can test this component on our development server. Click on button on bottom of page.

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