wtorek, 12 kwietnia 2016

Looking for investors

Jaaz.eu is looking for serious investors ready to invest in our new Jaaz Portal Project. Invest into the future and gain over 100 000 Euro in just 5 years.
We are small software house established in 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. We was working with many Polish customers providing our consulting services and web designer skills.
In February 2015 we had been joined by Artur Radosz. Java developer that have experience in work with top polish corporations like Orange Poland, the Polish Mint or PZU insurance company. He has started a work on our new project that we had named the Jaaz Portal.
Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated portal and web-hosting service dedicated to average Facebook or Blogger users. With easy to use web wizard and management console they will be able to create professional portals for own, community or commercial use.
We had started already some developer works but we are foremost looking for investors. We need investment of 60 000 Euro. In 5 years we are going to bring profit of at least 410 000 Euro.
Revenues of Web hosting market in year 2013 was estimated on 8 to 10 billions dollars (not including corporate services). There is approximately 260 millions of registered domain and approximately 40% of them have working Websites. In next four years the market shall grown by 26%.
To bring profit of 410 000 Euro we need only 1850 customers what is 0.00007% of global growth in next four years. We can be much more profitable that this 'dark scenario' that we had used for creation of our Business Plan.
For 60 000 Euro we are offering You 25% share in our profits payed after first three years of operation of the project. If You want to invest less money the share we can offer You will be proportionally smaller.
Please view our Business Plan and contact us if You are interested in further talks on investment into Jaaz Portal Project.

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