wtorek, 24 maja 2016

Beta Testers

Jaaz is looking for a people that would like to join our Jaaz Portal team as Beta Testers. Find a bug and get 10 Euro!
Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web-hosting and portal solution for average unskilled users of Facebook or other social networks and bloggers that would like to have their own web pages.

We are launching Beta version of Free Edition of our portal in July and are looking for a people that in exchange for the early access to it would like to 
test it.

We cannot offer You payment in money yet but we will give you 10 Euro on promotion of your site through our network of banner exchange for every bug you will find.

In addition, if Your work will be valuable we will give you for a free license to other commercial versions of our portal. We can also give you access to our company Intranet.

If You are interested in joining our team and becoming Beta Tester please reserve your web site now. We will contact You soon.

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