sobota, 7 maja 2016

Time Line

Currently Jaaz Portal is in very early stage as we look for an investor but we are working hardly and each week there is some new functionality added. We had also prepared a complete time line for development works.

Time Line

  • June 2016

A complete rewrite of company Business Plan and Product Guide.

  • July 2016

Launch of beta version of Jazz Portal Free Edition.

  • September 2016

Official launch of the Free Edition

  • December 2016

Beta version of Personal Edition.

  • February 2017

Official version of Jaaz Portal Personal Edition.

  • July 2017

Beta version of Community Edition

  • September 2017

Official launch of Community Edition.

  • March 2018

Beta version of Business Edition

  • May 2018
Official launch of Jaaz Portal Business Edition

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