piątek, 29 lipca 2016

[PR] Launch of Jaaz Alliance

Warsaw, Poland (July 29, 2016) Will the little players of web hosting market share the fate of small shops ousted by the Giants or do they stand a chance against them? Today the Jaaz Company will provide you with an answer to that question.

After a brief analysis the situation does not seem to be that worrying. In the upcoming years, web hosting market willl grow by almost 30 000 000 new websites. However, the biggest Internet companies are the ones that will be making the highest profit out of this.

On the other hand, when we look at it as a whole, the market is still dominated by small and mid-scale business that often work locally and they are the target Jaaz company is directing their offer to.

The company has just launched a new project called the Jaaz Alliance. The Alliance is a non-profit association centered around the company’s flagship product – the Jaaz Portal.

This association will support its development with the goal of releasing a Free Edition of Jaaz Portal in 2016, as the Open Source. Before the official release, however, it will be available to download for all members of the Alliance.

“We hope that together as an Alliance, we will develop an ultimate solution for web hosting vendors and Internet service providers that will quickly become a standard.” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, Company CEO.

The Free Edition of Jaaz Portal has just entered the Beta stage and is planned for public launch in September 2016.

You can find more on the Alliance homepage: http://alliance.jaaz.eu/
Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

czwartek, 28 lipca 2016

the Jaaz Alliance

Jaaz Company has launched new site entitled the Jaaz Alliance. It is an association of commercial entities that want to deploy company Jaaz Portal into their organizations.

Beside this Jaaz has updated their Investor section with Jaaz Alliance description. Link to Investment profile at Gust.com and links to Vimeo and YouTube video channels.

poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016

New layout for CelloHost.com

CelloHost.com have a new layout. We think this one is more modern that previous and is cleaner and more functional. We have also update Investor section on Jaaz Portal site.

[DEV] CRM - Mail composer

After little break on fund-raising and project management tasks back at development. New component that is part of our build-in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) - simple Mail composer.

Build in JaazQL forms allow address easily messages for group of users or people that has made certain orders.

HTML composer is also supporting Velocity templates.

[Video] Pitch Deck

Artur Radosz is presenting Jaaz Portal pitch deck.

Read more: http://portal.jaaz.eu/

[Video] Features of Jaaz Portal Free Edition

Video presenting features of Free Edition of Jaaz Portal or in another words how to create website completely for free.

Read more: http://portal.jaaz.eu/

Launch of CelloHost.com

Warsaw, Poland (July 18, 2016) Jaaz Company has launched a new web domain. CelloHost.com will become a hosting place designated for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers that want to have their own website.
The company is going to launch free version of their service in September 2016 but in July they plan to launch beta version for selected customers.
The new web domain CelloHost.com will be offered to everyone that will setup their own site through company’s Jaaz Portal service. 

The company is currently looking for people that want to become Beta Testers and would want to join their international team. Everyone that will register now can be rewarded with 50 Euro on promotion and up to 10 Euro for every bug he will find.

In addition he will be given a life time license for commercial versions of their software.

"We hope that thanks to our Beta Test program we will find testers with whom we will create a lasting cooperation" - said company’s CEO Marcin Gregorczyk.

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 by Marcin Gregorczyk and Sebastian Walos. Since then it is providing IT consulting and web designer services for variety of clients including Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

wtorek, 12 lipca 2016

[Dev] Orders

It is last component before public launch of beta version of the Free Edition of Jaaz Portal that is planned on 18-th July. This time list of orders.

Thanks it user can view and revoke orders he has made trough our system. Currently available are Beta Membership, Investor Pack and Investor Pledge orders.

środa, 6 lipca 2016

[Dev] Site info

We are closer and closer to launch of Beta version of Jaaz Portal - Free Edition. Another component. This time Site Info.

Thanks to it owner of web sites are not able to edit name of it, set description that is also visible to the search engines and setup and edit the contact informations.

poniedziałek, 4 lipca 2016

[DEV] User Profile

New day and new component. This time user profile for viewing and editing user informations. 

User can go to it through MyJaaz menu. With it he can get basic informations about itself like name, email, web-page. He can also view all groups to which he belongs.

If he want he can also setup or edit his postal address.

sobota, 2 lipca 2016

Agreement on Development

Jaaz and YEHUDI Solutions have signed together an agreement on the development of Jaaz Portal. The YEHUDI Solutions will take a full care of it.

The YEHUDI Solutions will be responsible for handling of the technical side of the project, while Jaaz company will be working on marketing and financial aspects of running it.

The agreement will be valid until the June 2018.

“We are really happy to be behind Jaaz Portal as this is a very promising project. This agreement will assure a stable environment in which we will deliver the final version of the product.” - said Artur Radosz from YEHUDI Solutions.

The first Free Edition of the project will be available for general public in September 2016 while the companies plan to launch beta tests in the early July.

Jaaz is actively looking for investors offering up to 20% share of their project profits.