wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2016

[Help] Editing menu

After learning how to edit a page it is time to build up the menu structure. Learn on that topic from our support site.

poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2016

[Video] Editing Web Page

We invite you to watch our latest video tutorial on editing a page in Jaaz Portal. You can find more informations on that on our support site.

[Help] Browsing images (Flickr/Getty)

After uploading your own image it is time to learn how to browse your library. At this point you can also re-use pictures that somebody else has put on the Flickr or buy commercial ones from Getty Images. Read how to do this on our support page.

niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2016

[Help] Working with images

After creating web site and editing first page it is now a time to put first picture on it. Learn how to do this on Jaaz support site.

[Help] Editing page

OK, so you have read our article on creating web page and now you want to edit it. How to do that you can read on Jaaz support site.

[Help] Creating Web Site

For all further Beta Testers and users of Jaaz Portal we have created short article explaining step-by-step how to create your own page. The article is available on Jaaz support page.

sobota, 27 sierpnia 2016

[DEV] Account Balance

Last component before starting a work on Beta release. Account Balance display in User Profile. Displays current saldo and history of financial operations on user account.

wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] Petition

Little break from the Beta Test drive. This time the Petition - a component that will be part of the Community Edition.

Simple yet powerful thing that allows to store and display signatures including name, email, occupation, city and country together with short comments.

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2016

Yodiz integration

We are closer and closer our Beta release that we want to launch on end of next week. This time it is Jaaz Portal integration with Yodiz.com.

Every bug that you will report through our support system will land in Yodiz bugtracker. But we has promised to pay you certain amount of money for it. 

Here to the rescue comes our new tool. It is Jaaz Portal integration with Yodiz that allows us to assign bug reporter and pay him a money for each bug he will find and will report to us.

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2016


As the next step in our preparations to launch Beta version of Free Edition of Jaaz Portal we have started a support program. As a platform we have chosen Freshdesk.

Now if you want to report a bug in our software or have another issue you can write our support directly at support@jaaz.eu or through our web page: http://jaaz.freshdesk.com/

wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016

Jaaz Alliance - SlideShare

We are not Yet Another Web Hosting Company. We are bringing new standard to the industry. Watch SlideShare on the Jaaz Alliance...

More info: http://alliance.jaaz.eu/

niedziela, 7 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] CRM Sender

Another component of our Customer Relationship Manager. This time mail sender. Working independently from browser window it sends a mass mailing to selected group of users. Of course users are able to unsubscripted from it.

The CRM components will be avaiable as part of Jaaz Portal Community Edition.


For all our fans, supporters and further investors Jaaz company has prepared a newsletter. Now you will do not miss any of news on our Jaaz Portal solution. 

If You are interested in staying in touch with us you can subscribe to our Newsletter here.

środa, 3 sierpnia 2016

New layout

A web pages you could do through our Jaaz Portal have now new modern look and feel.

They are working also perfectly with mobile phones and... Yes, you can edit them also by phone.

You can view example page made only with our tools from Free Edition here.

wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2016

[Dev] Media database

New component of CRM. A news contact database will contain over 300 contacts to variety of Technology News outlets. 

Currently we are using it for purpose of sending our press releases but our customers will be able to send it too in near future.