sobota, 3 września 2016

Beta Tests launched

Warsaw, Poland (Sept 3, 2016) Jaaz company has launched beta tests of their web-hosting service is the first company that is deploying its flagship product, Jaaz Portal.

Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web-hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and for bloggers that would like to extend their online presence by having their own professional website.

The company plans to launch the first Free Edition of Jaaz Portal in early October 2016. The first commercial version – Personal Edition – will be available in February 2017. The Free Edition is completely free of charge for its users and offers simplified version of commercial Editions that allows users to create one professional web site.

The Beta Tests will take a month and after that, the company will launch a Free Edition of its portal to the community of Facebook users. 

“We hope that Beta Tests will help us to ensure the highest quality of our services that will be offered for free for everybody that wants to have a website of their dreams” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, CEO of the company.

Besides the free version of the service offered through, Jaaz company plans to launch an Open Source version of it for anyone that would like to deploy it in his company or organization.

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

czwartek, 1 września 2016

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