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[PR] Launch date

Warsaw, Poland (Oct 11, 2016) Jaaz has set a date of launch of their Free Edition of Jaaz Portal to Q1, 2017. Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated web hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

The company would be ready to launch the first – Free Version – of the product in next month but unfortunately did not yet secured an investor and does not allocated a budget for marketing of it. For that reasons the company decided to postpone introduction of the product to the market. 

“We have really cool stuff waiting for users but we did not found yet investor, so it would be difficult to launch it now. We are sure that with additional time on development the service will be even more mature” - said Marcin Gregorczyk, company CEO. 

Jaaz Portal will be available in three basic editions – Personal, Communit and Business supplemented by the limited Free Edition. The company plans also to license their solution also as the Open Source later in 2017. 

“At the occasion we want to thank all of our Beta Testers for their excellent work. We hope for more cooperation with you all in the coming months” - said Artur Radosz, company CTO. 

The company is right now in the Beta Tests and their product is tested by the team of 40+ Beta Testers what with additional time given for development will guarantee an excellent quality and easy of use. 

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 as an initiative of the Polish movie director Christopher Krauze. Since then, it has been providing IT consulting and web designer services for a variety of clients, including the Chancellery of President of Poland. In February 2016 Jaaz Company has started working on its flagship product Jaaz Portal.

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