środa, 9 listopada 2016

Bootsrap editor

It was long time since we did not posted any update on our development works. For one reasons because we was busy with bug-fixing for another because we was working on some top secret component. The Bootstrap editor.

In next weeks we will finish it and it will be included into Jaaz Portal Free Edition. The Bootstrap in quick is a technology developed by Twitter to help bring desktop web pages to the mobiles.

Now thanks to our revolutionary technology anybody, without having too much technical knowledge can create web pages that will look great on both desktop comupters and mobile phones. 

We call this miraculous technology the Jaaz Editor but maybe you will have better idea. If so, please drop a mail to info@jaaz.eu.

czwartek, 3 listopada 2016

Business Model Canvas

Jaaz presents its Business Model Canvas. More information: http://portal.jaaz.eu/portal/investors/bp