środa, 22 marca 2017

Why Jaaz Portal?

Overall, the web hosting market is worth more than $15 billion. Most of the companies operating on it are not Internet Giants like GoDaddy or Hostagartor - who take a combined 15% of it - but rather local small data centres that make a living from renting their hardware to others.

That is why we, at Jaaz, want to focus on this segment of the market in order to find our niche. We want to offer fully featured and complete out-of-the-box solutions for web hosting needs. These will cover every aspect of running the web hosting business, from creating sites, managing them, to the billing process.

We believe that to survive the impact of the Internet Giants, local web hosting providers will need to turn from hardware renting to the mass market. Our product will, beside the standard CMS service, feature news and commenting subsystems, Internet Forums, Online Petitions and Work Group Support, and even complete Internet Shops.

Everyone can run the Jaaz Portal regardless of their hardware configuration. Whether it be a Virtual Private Server or complete Cloud environment, if it is able to run Java technology it will run Jaaz Portal.

However, creating such a system is not a simple thing, which is why we are calling on you to participate in our Jaaz Alliance, a non-profit organisation that will be behind the standardisation of our product. If you want to run it in your company, you should definitively become a member.

Through this body, everyone can have an impact on the way that our product grows. Thanks to this initiative, your voice will be heard and you will be helping to shape the features of Jaaz Portal.

We dream of one day releasing the product as Open Source through our Jaaz Alliance. The basic version of Jaaz Portal shall be free to anyone, but if you become a member of our alliance, you will also receive technical support and help in its deployment in your company or organisation.

Of course, we will also provide commercial versions of our software. Packaged in Personal, Community and Business Editions, these will serve the needs of individuals, organisations and commercial entities. The cost for your enterprise will be marginal as we will license them on a per user scheme.

Therefore, if you are a traditional hardware provider or data centre, and you think that your business should transform and be open to the new mass market of individual customers, we are inviting you to join our Jaaz Alliance. This way, you will be able to have your say on the future of our product and will receive all the technical help you require regarding deploying and running our software.

Only by combining the industrial strength of small businesses and the variety of solutions offered can we hope to defeat the Internet Giants. Only by coming together and pooling our efforts can we offer our users a competitive solution. Only by joining the Jaaz Alliance will we not share the fate of local retail shops, which have almost vanished in the face of competition from supermarkets.

Think of future of your business and prepare to enter the mass market. Come together with the Jaaz Portal and be part of the Jaaz Alliance.

Artur Radosz
Jaaz Portal Ltd
e-mail: info@jaaz.eu
tel. +44 20 3905 5498

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