czwartek, 25 maja 2017

Web Hosting Talk Forum

(Warsaw, 25 May 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd has joined the Web Hosting Talk Forum, an informal organisation of web hosting providers and individual users from all over the world. The company looks forward to a fruitful cooperation and expansion of their partners’ network.

The company is currently working on an integrated, out-of-the-box solution that will enable Data Centres to reach a market of mass consumers, an innovation that has so far been reserved for the big players.

Jaaz Portal Ltd hopes to establish itself as a strong player in the web hosting community. The company has the ambition of creating an industry standard with its flagship product, Jaaz Portal.

“We welcome other members of the community and we hope that some of them will join us in our struggle to create a consortium that will be closely involved in the development of Jaaz Portal.” - said company director, Artur Radosz. “We want to involve the small and medium players that, so far, are not spending on R&D. Together we can counter the strong competition from the Internet Giants”.

To date, investing in R&D has been the domain of the big players on the web hosting market. The newly established Jaaz Alliance wants to change this by mobilising the smaller players that make up the majority of the market but are not currently focused on creating their own products.

“We are here to change the rules of the game. We want all these little companies to come under our umbrella and, together with us, create a new industry standard, with the profits going to all the individual users of the Internet” - added company secretary, Marcin Gregorczyk.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a UK-based company with an R&D center located in Poland. Through this, it can provide excellent quality IT services at a minimal cost.

Since March 2017, it has focused on the development of the company’s flagship product Jaaz Portal - an ultimate, out-of-the-box web hosting service for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

piątek, 19 maja 2017

Executive Summary

Jaaz Portal is a highly integrated corporation-class service dedicated to anyone who wishes to have a global presence in the Internet. It is an integrated portal and a web-hosting solution for individual, community and business needs. Unlike other solutions, it will also be licensed as open source to third parties, primarily web-hosting companies.

We aim to provide an easy-to-deploy and manage solution to expand our users’ markets to a new level. Through our product, we will allow them to reach unparalleled numbers of new customers, which will forever change the way they conduct their business operations.

Moreover, we will also be operating an end-user solution,, and we will create a non-profit association of companies and organizations, Jaaz Alliance, for both established and prospective users. This association will be further marketing our product and will support its development.

In the next four years, the web-hosting market will grow by a staggering 26 000 000 new websites. To meet the objectives of our Business Plan, we need to capture just 0.01% of this growth.

For the development period of our services and first years of the operation, we need a total investment of £250 000. We shall bring a net profit, after deducting taxes, in the level of £2 000 000 within half a decade.

This investment will be spent on office and server maintenance, salaries for the four people currently on our team and the marketing of the project. The team will grow each year, to reach three Java Developers and Web Designer and Support Officer.

Jaaz was formed in 1998 in Warszawa, Poland, as a partnership between Marcin Gregorczyk and Sebastian Walos, and has since provided IT consulting, along with web development and hosting services, for a variety of SMEs. In 2017, the company opened their UK branch, working exclusively on the Jaaz Portal.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a UK-based company with an R&D centre located in Poland. Through this, it can provide excellent quality IT services at a minimal cost.

Jaaz Portal - Introduction

There are now more than three billion Internet users, and many, if not most, will, at some stage, want to have their own website to showcase themselves, their community or commercial venture. However, to this day, the traditional web hosting vendors are not ready to offer them a comprehensive solution, and this is something we want to change with our Jaaz Portal product.

It is no secret that web-hosting companies do not invest in R&D. They are happy with the existing customer base that often control a whole IT department and just need some server space. The situation is, however, different if it comes to unskilled individuals that do not have the ability or knowledge to create and run their own websites.

For that reason, we at Jaaz are working to meet the requirements of both traditional web-hosting vendors and consumers, to offer them a comprehensive solution. What we are trying to do is create a complete web-hosting solution designed for individuals, communities and the commercial needs of average and low-skilled users of social networks and bloggers who want to extend their Internet presence by owning professional websites.

This is a solution that, thanks to Java technology, will be able to deploy anywhere, in both existing web-hosting companies and in organizations that did not yet offer web-hosting solutions for their user base.

With the easy-to-use Internet wizard, users will be able to create complete websites that, thanks to our innovative management console, will be easy to set up and maintain. Our intuitive and user-friendly web editor is a powerful tool is able to create even complex websites in a matter of  minutes. Thanks to Bootstrap technology, and without any modifications, they will be later ready for viewing on the consumers’ devices such as mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs.

The whole solution will be packaged in three basic versions: Personal – for individual needs; Community – to support the work of communities and non-governmental organizations, and Commercial – to move your businesses into the Internet.

But this is not end of the Jaaz Revolution. We will also offer a Free Edition of our product that will allow anyone, even your gran, to have their own professional looking websites completely for free.

So, if you run a web-hosting business or just want to run one in the future, you should contact us now to obtain more information on our product and the Jaaz Alliance, a non-profit organization for all those that want use or develop our product that will be also licensed as open source. Join our revolution and contact us now.

Jaaz Portal Limited
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tel. +44 20 3905 5498