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Investing in web hosting market

Nearly everyone needs some kind of online presence these days. Over its short lifetime, the Internet’s already become an integral part of human existence. It is now almost impossible to imagine the world without it, yet one of its defining aspects goes nearly unnoticed. We all see  websites – every day we browse through dozens, if not hundreds, of them, but what makes this possible? What is behind them?

The answer is the web hosting market and its key component – the  datacentres. It is estimated that, currently, the global network consists of 260 000 000 sites. Of these, 25%, that’s 65 000 000 sites, do not have a properly functioning website.

What’s more, the number of websites is only expected to grow. In the next four years, we can expect to see another 26 000 000 sites. All of them must be hosted somewhere: on some hardware, on some software, in some location.

The web hosting market currently generates an annual income of 15 to 16 billion dollars worldwide, and is growing rapidly. For this reason, tech companies are investing billions of dollars in new and existing  datacentres.

For example, let’s consider the case of Ireland, probably the fastest growing market in Europe. In the next year, it’s expected that investment in datacentres will exceed 2 billion dollars, including such era-defining companies as Google (150 million), Facebook (800 million), Microsoft (900 million), Apple (1 billion), and Amazon (1 billion).

Impressive numbers? Yet you need to remember two things: First, even combined, the big web hosting companies such as GoDaddy, BlueHost or OVH do not take up more than 15% of the web hosting market. They may be Internet Giants, but they are still drowning in a sea of medium and small businesses that are operating locally.

The other point – the true weak point of the web hosting industry – is that the investment primarily goes to the hardware vendors. It’s true, investment in software is yet in its infancy.

Of course, the Internet Giants themselves are investing massively in their own software systems and user-friendly interfaces, but the majority of the market, the 85% we rarely hear about, do not spend a single cent on software. They may currently be content with hardware vending, yet, in spite of all the investments by Google, Microsoft, Apple and all the other major players, this could soon change.

They all need software that anyone, regardless of their level of proficiency, can simply pick up and use with a minimum of background knowledge. Of course, they have the free C-Panel that is almost standard nowadays, but it needs extensive technical knowledge in order to be workable.

This is what we want to change with our Jaaz Portal technology. This is software that will automate every stage of the web hosting business – from the creation, through to the management of the site, to the billing process. Everything in a single, unified, web interface that’s so simple and convenient the average blogger or user of social networks can operate it with a minimum of instruction.

Unlike other players, we do not want to develop this system for only our customers, for only our personal use. No. We want to share it with others. Any of these myriad of small and medium businesses looking to embrace the future of web hosting will be able to download and deploy it.

The software will be licensed in three versions: Personal, Community and Business Editions accompanied by the Free Edition available as Open Source.

We consider that our revolutionary product will quickly capture the imagination of these small and medium web hosting businesses and their customers. We believe we can open them up to the mass market, so far reserved only for the Internet Giants.

I’d just like to leave you with one more thing to think about. Increasing numbers of non-technical ventures, such as traditional media outlets, are looking towards web services and, in particular, the web hosting market. They are losing their readers and advertisement base and now are looking to explore fresh markets and new horizons.

One such example is the Washington Post, which has recently launched a web hosting initiative. We believe that this media outlet is merely the forerunner of a game-changing new trend, and more and more newspapers will become interested in this lucrative market. Of course, they can develop their own web interfaces and systems, but they can also license Jaaz Portal...

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Why Media Companies are Getting into the Web Hosting Business

When The Ringer, a sports and culture publication founded in June 2016 by former ESPN star Bill Simmons, jumped from Medium to Vox Media’s Chorus, it may have appeared to be just another case of a rising internet publishing company adding to its stable. That explanation does not tell the whole story, however, and for companies in the web hosting ecosystem, there is a more important aspect.

The Ringer isn’t simply another Vox Media property, according to the announcement. It is an advertising partner, and to be an advertising partner it must be hosted on the Chorus platform. Vox will sell advertising on The Ringer, and has established a revenue-sharing arrangement with the publication.

Media companies, pressured by intense competition and the rapid migration of eyeballs and advertising revenue from print to desktop browsers to mobile, are evolving, and some, like Vox Media and the Washington Post, are moving in on service areas typically reserved for web services companies like hosting providers.

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EURUS 2017 - Zürich

On October 12, 2017 Jaaz Portal Ltd. will be participating in the Investor Forum EURUS 2017 in Zurich. If you are a venture capitalist looking to invest in the web hosting sector, we warmly invite you to meet up with us.

Numerous researchers have estimated the number of new websites to grow to 26 000 000 in the next four years. Moreover, billions of dollars are annually invested into new and existing Data Centres - primarily going straight into the hands of established hardware companies.

Investing in software designed for Data Centres is still in its infancy. While the Internet Giants currently taking around a combined 15% of the market have their own user friendly web interfaces, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) traditionally do not spend money on developing their own software solutions.

We see a special opportunity for us in this regard and we want to offer SMEs a product that will also make them competitive on the market, targeted at individual users and organizations that are currently lacking the technical knowledge to run their own professional websites and portals” - stated Artur Radosz, Company Director, Jazz Portal Ltd.

The company is currently working on their flagship product, Jaaz Portal, which will automate every aspect of running a web hosting business, from the creation, through to the management of the websites and the billing process. This innovative product will be offered in three basic versions: Personal, Community and Business, along with a Free Edition that will be distributed as Open Source.

If you want to hear more on the latest developments in the web hosting sector and potential investment opportunities, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to meet up and have a face-to-face discussion outside the main EURUS forum.

For more information, please visit the Investor section of Jaaz Portal’s official website.

Meet us at EURUS 2017 and receive -35% discount on the whole event!

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About Us

Jaaz Portal Ltd is a small UK-based software house dedicated to the creation of software solutions to Data Centres across the globe. It is a sister company of our Polish branch established in 1998 in Warsaw.

Thanks to our R&D facilities in Poland, we can offer a cost-effective solution with minimal outlay. Since March 2017, we have focused on developing our flagship project, the Jaaz Portal, a highly integrated automated web hosting solution for average users of Social Networks and bloggers.

Artur Radosz

Artur is a Java Developer with over ten years’ experience in developing mission critical software. In the past he has worked for top Polish corporations including Orange Poland, the Polish Mint and PZU Insurance Group.

Marcin Gregorczyk

Marcin has successfully managed Jaaz Poland since 1998. During his time there, he gained top-level management knowledge and experience working with variety of customers that included the Chancellery of the President of Poland

Business Canvas

The following canvas provides the business model for Jaaz Portal Ltd. We specialise in the development of innovative software solutions to be used in Data Centres across the globe.

Our key partners will be Picture Providers such as 123rf.com and Virtual Server Providers. Our principal activities are R&D and the Support of our product. The primary resources are Jaaz Portal – the product itself – and the Virtual Server on which we will be running our commercial service.

Our value proposition is easy to set up and maintain websites for average and unskilled users of the Internet, rich content – pictures – published on our clients’ websites, and banner space for rental that will create a fully automated and complete web hosting service.

In respect to Customer Relationships, our core focus will be on users utilising our portal to showcase themselves at a global level, as well on Web Hosting Companies and Data Centres that wish to deploy our software solution to their customer networks.

Our Channels will be CelloHost.com – commercial operator of Jaaz Portal – as well as Jaaz Alliance, a consortium of companies using our software, and DomainHostel24, a web domain renting service.

Our main Customer Segments are users of social networks and bloggers, as well as small businesses operating on the web hosting market that wish to open up to the mass market.

Our Cost Structure is primarily divided between R&D and Support, Advertising our product and service, and the Virtual Server hosting our software.

Our Revenue Streams will be derived from Subscriptions for our commercial service, CelloHost.com, Licenses of our product to third parties, as well as reselling pictures and banner space on free versions of our customer sites.

The following canvas with a full description can be downloaded here. If you are interested in learning more about our business model and want to receive a complete business plan, please feel free to contact us.

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Our Mission

During our initial research into the web hosting market, we soon became aware that there were literally no providers of software solutions to it. Of course, there is a huge hardware market, but the software is severely lacking.

The other interesting thing is that, while you will certainly be aware of Internet giants such as GoDaddy, Hostagator, Blue Host or OVH, even combined, they still take up only 15% of the market. In fact, most companies currently operating are actually local small businesses with dedicated client networks.

However, while the Internet giants spare no expense in creating their own web interfaces for the mass marketing of individual users and organisations, the local players spend almost nothing on R&D.

From this glaring disparity, our Jaaz Portal product was born – a unique solution that will open up local small businesses to the mass market. With its simple-to-use interfaces, it will offer a competitive solution that easily rivals those currently being offered by the major players.

Our software will be written in Java, which will make it easy to deploy to virtually any hardware configuration, and will cover every aspect of web hosting business – from the creation and management of the website to the billing process. Everything will be automated in this out-of-the-box solution.

The software will be licensed in per user basis in Personal, Community and Business Editions supplemented with a Free Edition for users to become familiar with this unique product.

In addition, we will provide source code for it, enabling other companies and individual developers to grow and extend the product. Therefore, Open Source will be an integral part of our offering.

If you are interested in partnering with us, investing or simply becoming a user of Jaaz Portal, please do not hesitate to get in touch.