piątek, 7 lipca 2017

Business Canvas

The following canvas provides the business model for Jaaz Portal Ltd. We specialise in the development of innovative software solutions to be used in Data Centres across the globe.

Our key partners will be Picture Providers such as 123rf.com and Virtual Server Providers. Our principal activities are R&D and the Support of our product. The primary resources are Jaaz Portal – the product itself – and the Virtual Server on which we will be running our commercial service.

Our value proposition is easy to set up and maintain websites for average and unskilled users of the Internet, rich content – pictures – published on our clients’ websites, and banner space for rental that will create a fully automated and complete web hosting service.

In respect to Customer Relationships, our core focus will be on users utilising our portal to showcase themselves at a global level, as well on Web Hosting Companies and Data Centres that wish to deploy our software solution to their customer networks.

Our Channels will be CelloHost.com – commercial operator of Jaaz Portal – as well as Jaaz Alliance, a consortium of companies using our software, and DomainHostel24, a web domain renting service.

Our main Customer Segments are users of social networks and bloggers, as well as small businesses operating on the web hosting market that wish to open up to the mass market.

Our Cost Structure is primarily divided between R&D and Support, Advertising our product and service, and the Virtual Server hosting our software.

Our Revenue Streams will be derived from Subscriptions for our commercial service, CelloHost.com, Licenses of our product to third parties, as well as reselling pictures and banner space on free versions of our customer sites.

The following canvas with a full description can be downloaded here. If you are interested in learning more about our business model and want to receive a complete business plan, please feel free to contact us.

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