wtorek, 4 lipca 2017

Our Mission

During our initial research into the web hosting market, we soon became aware that there were literally no providers of software solutions to it. Of course, there is a huge hardware market, but the software is severely lacking.

The other interesting thing is that, while you will certainly be aware of Internet giants such as GoDaddy, Hostagator, Blue Host or OVH, even combined, they still take up only 15% of the market. In fact, most companies currently operating are actually local small businesses with dedicated client networks.

However, while the Internet giants spare no expense in creating their own web interfaces for the mass marketing of individual users and organisations, the local players spend almost nothing on R&D.

From this glaring disparity, our Jaaz Portal product was born – a unique solution that will open up local small businesses to the mass market. With its simple-to-use interfaces, it will offer a competitive solution that easily rivals those currently being offered by the major players.

Our software will be written in Java, which will make it easy to deploy to virtually any hardware configuration, and will cover every aspect of web hosting business – from the creation and management of the website to the billing process. Everything will be automated in this out-of-the-box solution.

The software will be licensed in per user basis in Personal, Community and Business Editions supplemented with a Free Edition for users to become familiar with this unique product.

In addition, we will provide source code for it, enabling other companies and individual developers to grow and extend the product. Therefore, Open Source will be an integral part of our offering.

If you are interested in partnering with us, investing or simply becoming a user of Jaaz Portal, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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