poniedziałek, 7 sierpnia 2017

[PR] Business Plan

(London, 07 August, 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd. has published the final version of its Business Plan. The company is aiming for a total investment of £154 000, with a predicted Return on Investment of 128%.

The company has prepared their Business Plan in accordance with SEIS guidelines, meaning that any British investor will be eligible for 50% tax relief. The investment will be divided into two rounds: £70 000 in the first year, and £84 000 the following year. The total shares will stand at 18.2%.

Jaaz Portal is a mass-market solution for Data Centres. The company is aiming at the 85% of the market composed of small- and medium-sized enterprises that traditionally vend hardware space to their customers, thus opening them up to the mass market of individual customers.

“Traditional web hosting companies are renting their rack space, virtual private servers or dedicated servers. We want to enable them for the market of users who do not possess deep technical knowledge’, states Artur Radosz, Company Director, Jazz Portal Ltd.

The product will be available in three basic editions: Personal, Community and Business, complemented by a Free Edition that will be simultaneously be distributed as Open Source.

In addition to providing their own web hosting service, the company wants to license their product to the other vendors.

“Big companies that have such automated web hosting do not share it with others. We want to change this by addressing small and medium web hosting companies and data centres. It’s something that makes us unique on the market”, claims Marcin Gregorczyk, Company Secretart, Jaaz Portal Ltd.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Jaaz Portal’s Business Plan, please contact us directly.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a UK-based company with an R&D center located in Poland. Through this, it can provide excellent quality IT services at a minimal cost.

Since March 2017, it has focused on the development of the company’s flagship product Jaaz Portal - an ultimate, out-of-the-box web hosting service for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.