środa, 25 października 2017

[EVENT] Polish Tech Night - Berlin

We are warmly inviting you to join us during the Polish Tech Night event that will be held on December 6 in Berlin. Join the Jaaz Revolution!

Polish Tech Night promotes the mutual benefits of German-Polish cooperation within the start-up industry in terms of investment, financing, knowledge transfer, and the development of common products and services.

Polish Tech Night is working together with Polish and German organisations to provide a varied portfolio of potential partners and market players from start-ups, investors, small- and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs), and industry associations to showcase the ongoing successful cooperation between the two countries and share previous experiences.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a Polish-British joint venture registered in London but with an R&D centre in Warsaw. Our company aims to provide a complete Blockchain-enabled web hosting solution designed for small and medium data centres that wish to open up the mass market of users who do not necessarily have technical skills.

“Our presence in Berlin will be an opportunity to forge new alliances and to look for potential investors in the company”, asserts Artur Radosz, Company Chairman.

Jaaz Portal – the company’s flagship product – is a highly integrated, out-of-the-box web hosting solution that will also be licensed as Open Source. Moreover, it will be available in commercial licensing schemes for any SMEs that wish to enable a new generation of web hosting services.

If you are interested in making a connection with us or considering an investment, please contact us before or during the event.

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