wtorek, 7 listopada 2017

[Event] EdCamp II - Warsaw

We are delighted to announce that we will be guests at the upcoming EdCamp II in Warsaw on November 18, 2017, organised by the Polish accelerator EduLab.

The project aims at finding the most disruptive ideas that will change the status quo. Over the course of the event, we will participate in a series of workshops and training sessions, which will help us to clarify our business model and concepts.

The meetings will be led by renowned experts and mentors across a range of fields. During the event there will be also ‘speed dating’, in which participants will present their ideas to the investors and business angels.

At the end of the course, the ‘winning’ company will receive a cheque for 250 000 euros.

“We want to educate our users, so they will be able to create their own Internet presence using our tools. We are confident that EduLab will be interested in our project, which aims to revolutionise the lives of ordinary Internet users”, states Artur Radosz, Company Chairman.

If you are interested in having a 1:1 meeting with us, please contact us before or during the event.

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