poniedziałek, 4 grudnia 2017

EUDCA Membership

Jaaz Portal Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have joined the European Data Centres Association (EUDCA). This represents the interests of the European commercial data centre operators’ community, both politically and commercially.

The main mission of EUDCA is to provide a platform for European data centre operators across a range of fields, with the overall aim of promoting and developing growth for the industry.

Jaaz Portal Ltd. is working exclusively on opening Data Centres up to the mass market of individuals who are lacking technical capability to create their own web sites.

We joined EUDCA with the main goal of establishing a strategic partnership between us and their members. We are confident that this will prove to be to our mutual benefit, and look forward to engaging in fruitful discussions with the group”, states Artur Radosz, company director.

Currently, Jaaz Portal Limited is committed to looking for strategic investors. Ideally, they should already be established on the web hosting market.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a UK-based company with an R&D center located in Poland. Through this, it can provide excellent quality IT services at a minimal cost. 

Since March 2017, it has focused on the development of the company’s flagship product Jaaz Portal - an ultimate, out-of-the-box web hosting service for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.