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We are inviting all potential investors, advisors, developers and other people that would like to make JaazOS a reality to join us on Slack.

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Coming Soon

Today our portal and alliance sites went down. Now on you will find a coming soon label with form gathering emails. We did this to not confuse investors with outdated information.

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poniedziałek, 24 września 2018

Introducing JaazOS

When Google was first introducing its new operating system for mobile devices called Android, many people were looking on with disbelief. While time proved the doubters wrong, will this new innovation: a web operating system called JaazOS, have similar chances for mass-market success?

Let’s look at the market opportunity. There are currently 1.7 billion web pages. In the last year alone this number has grown by 700,000,000. This is a huge market in which 85% of web hosting companies are small and local providers.

Traditionally, such small companies do not invest in R&D. In other words they are not producing their own software, and instead focusing on hardware solutions. They have a small dedicated network of customers that often possess their own complete IT departments.

They are not looking at the mass market of non-technical users because they do not have right tools to do this. And here is where Jaaz Portal Ltd.’s latest idea: JaazOS – Android for Data Centers, comes into play.

Installation of this web operating system is simple and efficient. First you need to install the Java Application Server. If you want to save money in this respect you can use a popular Open Source one such as WildFly, while if you are looking for commercial support you can choose from the broad array offered by market leaders such as IBM or Oracle.

The Application Server is a critical layer because it is responsible for talking to the hardware. If you have more experience and needs you can configure a true Cloud environment made from several application servers.

Once you have chosen and installed an Application Server then it is time to install JaazOS onto this so you can serve this aforementioned mass market of non-technical users from day zero. The installation is simple. First you need to deploy the Jaaz Setup web application to the application server, using one simple web interface to configure the entire environment.

Jaaz Setup will automatically download and install other components of JaazOS including Jaaz Kernel, Jaaz Admin and Jaaz Go suites.

Jaaz Kernel is the main component of JaazOS. It is a core system with programming API used to extend the entire system via new, innovative web applications that will run on top of it. It is the implementation of the Oracle Java Portlet API that is an industry standard. The Kernel will lay out all applications and will be responsible for running them.

A part of Jaaz Kernel is the basic Content Management System that will be built into the system. This will provide unified drag & drop capabilities to build complete and advanced websites with the latest version of Bootstrap technology.

The other subsystem will be Jaaz Admin, a management console written in the Angular language. It will allow users to configure their websites in a unified and user-friendly manner. Administrators will not only be able to manage users and websites, but also third-party applications.

The last component will be JaazGo. This will be a software distribution and payment system similar to Google Play. Users will be able to choose from hundreds of ready-to-market applications provided by a third party and pay a fixed price or subscription fee for using it.

JaazOS is a unique proposal for an entirely new-concept web operating system. It will consist of applications and programming API that, with time, will be extended by third-party vendors.

Accordingly, Data Centers will receive a product that will simplify the configuration and management of a complete web hosting environment for the mass market of non-technical users.

This will, of course, be of immense benefit to end-users, who will not only have a unified and simple-to-use web hosting system but also the possibility to move their website from one provider to another, if, for instance, it offers them a better broadband connection, technical support or lower price.

However, this magic will not take place without some much-needed support. If you are interested in assisting JaazOS with a financial investment or just your valuable skills and knowledge please contact us.

sobota, 9 czerwca 2018

One pager

We are proud to present you One Pager about Jaaz Portal Limited. Get all necessary information on investing in our company on one page of paper.
You can download it here:

[EVENT] InnoShare'18

We are proud to announce that Jaaz Portal Ltd. will be participating in the upcoming 2018 InnoShare event. The conference will take place in Warsaw on June 27-29.

InnoShare is a global congress for scientists, R&D startups & SMEs, business experts, key opinion-makers and innovation enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the prospects in Poland and network with companies and university representatives with a view to potential collaboration.

Jaaz is focused on creating the ultimate web hosting solution to be installed in data centers and web hosting companies around the globe. With a fresh user interface comparable to that of it will offer the ultimate experience to both end-users and companies looking to license the product.

“The event in Warsaw is a perfect opportunity to learn what our company has to offer and perhaps foster some enduring business connections”, states Marcin Gregorczyk, company secretary.

niedziela, 11 marca 2018

[PR] closure

(Warsaw, 11 March 2018) Jaaz Portal Ltd. has decided to discontinue the brand and has today closed the service to the public.

The project aimed at providing the Jaaz Portal service to the masses of end-users. Our company has used it to perform beta tests for the product.

More than 50 testers have helped us in this, with the results showing that our company is able to deliver its promise.

We have successfully tested our Minimal Value Product (MVP) in the real world and we are entirely happy with the outcome. Now, we are focusing on the production version of the software”, states Artur Radosz, company chairman.

In future, Jaaz Portal will be sold as a service to the end-users under the domain name We plan to launch the site early next year.

Jaaz Portal Limited is a UK-based company with an R&D center located in Poland. Through this, it can provide excellent quality IT services at a minimal cost. 

Since March 2017, it has focused on the development of the company’s flagship product Jaaz Portal - an ultimate, out-of-the-box web hosting service for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

sobota, 24 lutego 2018

How to SEIS - Part 2

In the first part of this guide to SEIS, we focused on immediate tax relief that you gain from investing. Now, in this second part, we will take a closer look at the Capital Gains Tax and its effect on foreign businesses as a whole.

The problem for Polish Venture Capitals is that Jaaz Portal Ltd. is too British, while, for British ones, we are too Polish. Frequently, when talking with Poles, we are first asked to register our company in Poland, but this is not possible, as we want to retain an international spirit to the endeavour.

It is also somewhat irrational, as the British economic system is one of the most efficient in Europe, at least when it comes to financing and running start-ups. The best example of this is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT). In Poland, if you are taking dividends or selling shares in some companies you must always pay 19% tax on the transaction.

However, if you are making an international transaction, you can choose to pay taxes to a foreign system. Here lies the core benefit of SEIS. In this case, instead of paying 19% CGT, you will pay zero percent.

Why is this the case? This is because any chargeable gains that you make are tax-free so long as you retain the SEIS shares. The same holds true when you are selling your SEIS shares to somebody else. In this regard, you will also not have to pay any taxes.

Therefore, dear foreign investors, do not ask us to open our company in Poland. Instead, take things into your own hands and stop paying 19% taxes when, instead, you can pay ZERO.

sobota, 3 lutego 2018

Going Open Source

We have decided to go Open Source with our project. After completing prototype we have started work on production version of Jaaz Portal.

The preliminary source code is avaliable on GitHub as projects: