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How to SEIS - Part 2

In the first part of this guide to SEIS, we focused on immediate tax relief that you gain from investing. Now, in this second part, we will take a closer look at the Capital Gains Tax and its effect on foreign businesses as a whole.

The problem for Polish Venture Capitals is that Jaaz Portal Ltd. is too British, while, for British ones, we are too Polish. Frequently, when talking with Poles, we are first asked to register our company in Poland, but this is not possible, as we want to retain an international spirit to the endeavour.

It is also somewhat irrational, as the British economic system is one of the most efficient in Europe, at least when it comes to financing and running start-ups. The best example of this is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT). In Poland, if you are taking dividends or selling shares in some companies you must always pay 19% tax on the transaction.

However, if you are making an international transaction, you can choose to pay taxes to a foreign system. Here lies the core benefit of SEIS. In this case, instead of paying 19% CGT, you will pay zero percent.

Why is this the case? This is because any chargeable gains that you make are tax-free so long as you retain the SEIS shares. The same holds true when you are selling your SEIS shares to somebody else. In this regard, you will also not have to pay any taxes.

Therefore, dear foreign investors, do not ask us to open our company in Poland. Instead, take things into your own hands and stop paying 19% taxes when, instead, you can pay ZERO.

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