Jaaz Portal is a solution for everyone that is interested in having his own page. Whatever for personal needs, community or business uses it is right answer for those that does not have programming or web-designer skills.

If You are average user of Blogger, Facebook or other social networks You will find that our product is really stunning and easy to use. Through web-browser using simple Wizard in few, easy steps You will be able to create complex portal that later will be easy to manage and configure.

Our product is delivered in three basic editions complemented by free one.

Will offer a user limited capabilities of our portal. Users will be provided a complete, easy to use Content Management System and set of basic layout for creation of simple web site for free.

More complex solution in which CMS will be fully featured and able to manage unlimited number of pages. It will contain news system, commenting system, guest book, social networks integration and Facebook like info stream.

Solution ideal for informal group of people or Non-Governmental Organizations and Charities. Including everything You can find in Personal Edition it will also contain petitions, Internet forums, user management and working groups subsystem.

Our answer for business users. A complete on-line retail solution that will include complete web shop with powerful front and back-end.

You can also download PDF edition of this guide.

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